what is a ruby developer

Ruby is basically a reflective, dynamic and a general-purpose type of programming language. The language supports multiple programming paradigms which includes imperative, functional and object oriented. It also contains automatic memory management and dynamic type system.

Ruby Language

Programming languages are normally close to spoken languages. Each language falls into one or more than one category. A few categories which it involves are functional, logic based and object oriented. Providentially, once you learn the first language then it will not difficult for you to learn the second. The programming languages and interfaces are growing now days. A ruby on rails development need to be self connected with latest terms and technology. The first language is normally hard and tough to learn. A person should be completely familiar with the basic aspects of design, fonts, grid blocking and color theory. Ruby is basically a general purpose programming language and ruby developer are also high in demand. It is basically one of the languages to start with when you start learning code. Ruby is a higher level programming language as compared to C++. Higher programming languages are close to humans and low programming languages are close to machines such as CPU registers and memory addresses.